Yelp Instructions

  2. Click: Log In or Sign Up
  3. Click: Write a Review
  4. Click: Select your rating.
  5. Click: Post Review

Angie's List Instructions

  2. Click Sign In or register business account by calling 1-866-843-5478
  3. Within Review a Pro field type Company Name: Baker Electric Solar
  4. Complete rating fields
  5. Click Submit Review

Facebook Instructions

  2. From the Page, you want to review:
  3. Click Reviews on the left side of the Page's Timeline.
  4. Click the gray stars to choose a rating. You can also write a review.
  5. Click to select your audience.
  6. Click Done.

Nextdoor Desktop Instructions

  2. Click inside the "Post a message, event, poll, or urgent alert to neighbors" box at the top of your Newsfeed
  3. Follow the prompts.
  4. Click Post.
  5. Posts cannot be authored via email. You must use the Nextdoor website, iOS or Android app to create a post.