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Affordable Solar Panels in San Diego with a SunPower Solar System Install

In 2010, Baker Electric Solar was named SunPower's number one dealer of solar panels in San Diego. We offered more affordable solar panels in San Diego by total sales volume than any other dealer or solar installation company in the region. By 2011, BES was the only company nationwide to be awarded with 2 awards by SunPower: The 2011 Residential Dealer of the Year award and the 2011 Commercial Intelegant Award. BES initially chose SunPower as a manufacturer partner because of the unmatched value that its solar cells offer customers. Its photovoltaic panels consistently perform at the highest levels of efficiency available on the market, and it has a long reputation of excellence in the industry. Click here to read more.

Read the Congratulations letter from Sunpower above!

In 2010, we were recognized by SunPower as their #1 Dealer in sales volume for the entire San Diego County territory - quite an accomplishment!

If you've been researching Sunpower, you've already discovered the quality avialable to you with their products. It's time to select us as their most experienced Elite Dealer in your area to give you and estimate and design a solar system for your home that will eliminate your electric bill!

SunPower also offers programs for making monthly payments on the solar system we will design for you. The monthly payment is often the same or less than your current electric bill. What's to lose? Contact us now to learn more about Sunpower systems designed by Baker Electric Solar, offering affordale solar panels in San Diego.

Why Choose Us?
Better Customer Service than any contractor you’ve ever worked with! SunPower’s #1 San Diego County Dealer in 2010
  Solar Purchase qualifies for at least 33% government incentives Company history since 1938
  Financial strength to make your project run on-time & on-budget Wide-ranging electrical project expertise
  Will be in business to service system long-term    


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