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Read the Commercial Solar Panels System Install Process

We make the process of commercial solar panels installation simple for you. If you're not sure about a solar system install, check out all the information about our other projects installing commercial solar power panels on the Case Studies page. When you're ready, these are the basic steps of a commercial solar system installation.

1. Consultation
At Baker Electric Solar, we start by getting to know you, your facility, and your commercial solar panels and power needs. We will use data about your electricity usage history, your energy goals, and any potential future changes in your energy use, to help determine what custom solar system will be best for you. We will also perform a location survey to analyze your facility site. We need to evaluate your roof space, its orientation to the sun, and any shading that would occur on the roof or ground-mounted solar system during the day to determine your facility's solar resources.

2. Design & Customization
Our professionals will design and engineer a custom system based on your specific energy requirements and commercial solar panels goals. These plans will be based on our expertise and the priorities you express. Before moving on we will present you with a proposal which clearly communicates the major components of the system, its performance, pricing, any financing options and savings analysis, and what to expect during the entire process.

3. Installation
Our experienced team of licensed contractors will perform a professional and clean installation that exceeds industry standards. During installation we will also be working behind the scenes, coordinating the two-way connection between your new system and your local utility company so you can enjoy rebates from surplus energy production. Upon completion, we will provide you with owner's manuals, warranties, and instructions on how to monitor your system's performance.

Then you get to relax and watch the meter go backwards!

4. Maintenance
Our systems last and we put our name behind them. They are designed to continue performing for years beyond the warranty period. Solar panels are a proven technology that is simple yet durable. Maintenance is typically limited to periodically hosing off the panels with water.

We will work with you to make your commercial solar installation an enjoyable and productive experience. If you are considering commercial solar panels for your building, contact one of our Solar Experts at 77-543-8765 for a free consultation.

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