Try to say “sunshine” and “savings” without smiling. We dare you.

Get turned on by electricity again.

Stop counting kilowatts and start enjoying the benefits of solar energy with easy financing options, expert guidance, and unmatched service from Baker Electric Solar.

Enjoy Electricity Again
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No one should be made to feel bad about the amount of electricity they use. But, with rising rates and environmental implications, it’s easy to see the “on” switch control more than the power in your home or business. At Baker Electric Solar, our solar power solutions are never one-size-fits-all but, rather, carefully designed around your individual needs and goals. So you can take advantage of the benefits of solar panels, save money, and actually feel good about using electricity again.

Solar power solutions from Baker give you the control to enjoy electricity by showing you the advantages of solar energy. We’ll change the way you feel about electricity by:

  • Looking beyond your pocketbook and focusing on your life.
  • Planning for the long-term, not just your immediate needs.
  • Giving you choices like leasing vs. owning and which premium products you prefer, and helping you make the best decision.
  • Following “The Baker Way,” a process and philosophy we’ve followed for over 75 years.

Unplug from your electric company & enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

The clean energy produced by the sun is yours to harness for powering your home or business. By choosing solar, you become the provider of your electrical energy needs and enjoy solar energy advantages.

Rates are Rising

Electric Rates on the Rise in SoCal

San Diego Gas & Electric Customers

Notice an increase in your electric bill lately? That’s because last September, SDG&E increased electric rates by up to 40% depending on individual energy consumption. If your monthly bill is typically less than $100, you probably haven’t noticed a difference. But, users with larger bills could be seeing increases of over $300.

While SDG&E is encouraging heavy consumers to conserve energy (even cutting back when they need power the most), change habits and upgrade old appliances in order to save, our team at Baker understands that most people are conserving as much as possible and that energy consumption is a normal part of everyday life you shouldn’t have to sacrifice just to get by. Some equipment such as pool filtration systems and other electrical appliances naturally have a large electrical draw and run 24/7 or for several hours a day, drastically increasing your energy. So take advantage of the benefits of solar energy and get solar quote today!

Southern California Edison Customers

Until just recently when the San Diego utility rolled out a new electric rate increase that jumped ahead, solar in Riverside was very appealing because customers in Southern California Edison (SCE) service territory had some of the highest rates in the bottom half of the state. As electric rates rise across the country, SCE customers will be feeling an impact on their electric bills, too. Though these increases may not be as high as others, the impact month-to-month, year-to-year can make a big difference in your spending. With Baker Electric Solar, you don’t have to think the about the increases. You’ve got enough on your mind already, so take advantage of the benefits of solar power and get your solar quote today!

Learn About Solar Energy Advantages & Start Saving with Solar

There’s no better time to consider the advantages of solar energy, and no better place to take advantage of year-round sunshine than Southern California. With Baker Electric Solar, you can stop worrying about how much energy you’re using and focus on the enjoyment you get from it.

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Turn up the savings.

With low monthly payments and little or no money down, taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy could eliminate your electric bills and your monthly bill anxiety.

Savings Examples
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Benefits of solar energy: How much will you really save?

Every situation is different, with multiple unique variables, and the scenarios below can give you a good idea of the type of savings you might be able to expect when you take advantage of the benefits of solar panels. Contact us today for your own custom scenario and quote unique to your household or business.

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Example 1:

You need a 5kW
solar system
Old Electric Bill: $160
New Electric Bill: $5
Solar Payment: $140
Monthly Savings: $15
Year 1 Savings: $180
Lifetime Savings: $37,843

san diego home taking advantage of benefits of solar panels

Example 2:

You need a 6.5kW
solar system
Old Electric Bill: $235
New Electric Bill: $8
Solar Payment: $162
Monthly Savings: $65
Year 1 Savings: $780
Lifetime Savings: $61,300

san diego home taking advantage of benefits of solar energy

Example 3:

You need a 9.2kW
solar system
Old Electric Bill: $350
New Electric Bill: $5
Solar Payment: $200
Monthly Savings: $150
Year 1 Savings: $1800
Lifetime Savings: $105,315

Solar up for zero down.

benefit of solar energy include low financing options

*On approved credit from 3rd party leasing or financing company.

Rebates, tax credits and incentives, oh my.

Between California Solar Initiative rebates and the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the advantages of solar energy just keep adding up. There’s not a more cost-efficient time to invest in solar than now!

Government Incentives

With rebates, tax credits and solar panel incentives, the savings you can get by investing in the advantages of solar energy just keep adding up. Below are a few government incentives you can take advantage of with your new solar system:

solar panels on steep house roof of customer getting solar energy advantages

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC):

Extended through December 31, 2016, residential and commercial consumers with federal tax liability are eligible for a one-time credit on photovoltaics (solar).

This ITC will fund 30% of the cost of your new solar system, decreasing the payback period and increasing your return on investment.

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The California Solar Initiative:

Provides incentives to homes and businesses installing solar panel systems through the use of rebates.

If you buy electricity from PG&E, Southern California Edison or SDG&E, have roof or ground space that gets unobstructed sunlight from 11 am to sunset all year round, you qualify.

But take advantage while you can because rebate program has been successful and funds are limited.

For additional information on Solar Tax Credit, and other benefits of solar energy, visit the Solar Energy Industries Association® and the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

invest in the benefits of solar power

Did you know?

You can qualify for solar rebates and tax incentives whether you lease or buy.

Many people think solar rebates, tax incentive programs, and other solar energy advantages only work if you purchase the solar system. Sure, you can apply directly for these incentives when you do make a cash or financed purchase for solar, but you’re still able to take advantage of the benefits of solar power even if you lease.

How it works

When you lease a solar system, the incentives are applied for by the third party financing company, and the cost of the prepaid lease for the system or monthly payment is substantially reduced compared to a purchase and the savings is passed down to you.

Soak up the sun, not fossil fuels.

Taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy for powering your home or business will not only reduce your electric bill, but your carbon footprint as well.

Environmental Impact
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By choosing solar for your home or business, you are also making a more viable decision about our future. Your choice to utilize the sun as a renewable energy source helps eliminate the burning of fossil fuels that can lead to global warming while reducing your carbon footprint.

Over 25 years, a 5kW solar electric system is estimated to offset:

  • 298,108 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), the leading greenhouse gas
  • 928 pounds of nitrogen oxide (NOX), which creates smog
  • 840 pounds of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which causes acid rain
  • 57 pounds of particulates that cause asthma
  • 470,407 miles driven in an average car, or 18,816 miles a year

Solar is one of the best renewable resources out there and it is the single biggest home improvement that a homeowner can make to positively impact the environment. One of the best advantages of solar energy is reducing your electrical consumption and reliance on fossil fuels immediately and for the long-term!