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Energy Independence

The clean energy that the sun produces is yours to harness to power your home or business. We have all been impacted by the alarming trend of higher energy costs that continue to escalate with the current “energy crisis.” With renewable solar energy powering your home, you will be able to secure your finances by eliminating your electric bill while protecting your family against inevitable future utility rate hikes. By choosing solar, you become the provider of your electrical energy needs.

You will gain control over increases in your electric bill from the utility company. Utility companies across the United States have been forced to pass along the rapidly increasing costs of creating energy to their end users. In 2008, SDG&E customers have seen rate escalations of up to 22%. There is no evidence that this alarming trend will be slowing down in the near future. At this pace, SDG&E customers will see their electric bill double in less than four years.

It’s a fact; average electric utility rates have increased in excess of 7% annually over the past 30 years and are anticipated to continue to rise. Wouldn’t you like to take control of your utility bill and eliminate future increases? You can!

Energy Independence is also related to the actual financial profit that is realized once a solar power system is integrated into your home.  An average solar system pays for itself in less than ten years.  In every subsequent year, you are pocketing more and more money every day!  Whether you choose to integrate a system that will eliminate the most expensive portion(s) of your monthly electric bill, or one that will “zero it out,” you will see an incredible return on your investment.  With solar electricity, one size does not fit all.  Our experts will share with you the variety of different options that are available for your unique situation according to your needs.

The energy independence associated with solar energy will inevitably impact the global harvesting of fossil fuels.  As we move away from our dependence on oil, we also distance ourselves from our dependence on foreign countries to supply that oil. Though our search for new oil reserves continues internationally, there is a common recognition that these supplies are limited and diminishing rapidly. The sun, on the other hand, is a completely renewable source.  It will always be here for us to harness as a constant source of power. 

Solar is the best opportunity for realizing all of the benefits of genuine energy independence!

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