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Monthly Payments for Your Solar Installation

Our programs for solar monthly payments will start saving you money immediately and don’t require you to put any money down! *OAC

Below are examples of how you can save by using a fixed, low monthly payment plan for your solar system. If your current electric bill is an average of about $160 dollars, look at Example 1 below. If your current average monthly bill is closer to $220, check out Example 2. If your monthly bill is about $300 on average, review Example 3 to get an understanding of the savings that can be achieved immediately!

Every situation is different – CONTACT US TODAY if you want to learn more and we can work on a custom scenario for you that will put money back in your pocket from the first month!

Solar Financing Examples

Why Choose Us?
Better Customer Service than any contractor you’ve ever worked with! SunPower’s #1 San Diego County Dealer in 2010
  Solar Purchase qualifies for at least 33% government incentives Company history since 1938
  Financial strength to make your project run on-time & on-budget Wide-ranging electrical project expertise
  Will be in business to service system long-term    

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Save With Baker

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