When you invest in commercial solar, it returns the favor.

Commercial Solar. It’s good for business.

Not only is commercial solar energy environmentally friendly, it’s financially beneficial to your business. With Baker Electric Solar you can start saving now.

Expert Overview
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Experts in Commercial Solar Panels

At Baker, we not only understand the value of being able to enjoy electricity at home, we know the benefits of running a business with no electric boundaries. That’s why we design and install renewable commercial solar power systems for businesses and commercial properties that provide solar electricity at a fraction of the cost you currently pay. With over a decade of experience in solar system installations for thousands of homes, businesses, government facilities and utilities, we know how to help you improve your business’s energy efficiency.

Staying on Top of Your Bottom Line

Companies all over the country are discovering the beauty and, more importantly, cost efficiency of solar electricity, and it’s easy to see why. Converting to solar power is one of the best financial and most environmentally-friendly decisions a company can make. Commercial solar energy makes sense, especially for companies in Southern California, a region blessed with remarkably consistent, direct sunlight. This remains a largely-untapped commercial energy resource. Energizing your company by installing custom commercial solar power systems will enable you to do more while consuming and spending less. This is the perfect way to implement a green ethos in the kind of tangible, goal-driven framework businesses need.

Rising electricity rates and generous state and federal incentives make a commercial solar panel installation a much more affordable proposition than it was even a few years ago. Plus, solar cells are efficient producers, which means you’ll be feeding power back to the grid, generating energy credits on your utility account to offset the power you use. In fact, commercial solar panel installations offers an annual return on investment of up to 12%. That’s just a little more than eight years until a full ROI, and in the meantime you’ll be improving your company’s public image and meeting internal goals for efficiency.

Plan for the long term with low risk, high return commercial solar power systems for your building. For more information about commercial solar energy systems, contact us and start the commercial solar assessment process today.

Electric rates impacting your bottom line?

Electric rates keep going up. Baker Electric Solar can help you lock in a low rate using commercial solar energy and keep it there.

Commercial Rate Increase

Commercial Electricity Rates are Rising

Southern California’s commercial electric rates are going up. And without an alternative way of making or purchasing the electricity to power your facility, your business or organization is at the mercy of the utility company.

See the impact of the rate increase below. Some categories will see an increase of over 11%+ depending on your facility consumption.

commercial solar savings comparison chart

Get Commercial Solar Panels and Increase Your Bottom Line

Getting commercial solar panels provides a solution that puts the control back in your hands. Baker Electric Solar offers solutions that will lower your cost for energy and provide a great return on investment. We’ll help you lock in a low rate so you can secure and predict what the commercial solar panels cost for you and your energy savings long-term.

SoCal companies are putting commercial solar to work.

See how schools, businesses, non-profits and government buildings are benefiting from a commercial solar panel installation from Baker Electric Solar.

Case Studies
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Commercial Solar Case Studies

Baker Electric Solar has completed commercial solar panel installations in multiple types of settings ranging in size from modest to significant, and demonstrating that commercial solar installations, companies, and buildings of all kinds have made the transition to solar power. Click the links below to see how the following businesses have reduced their carbon footprint by switching to commercial solar.

commercial solar panels on building installed by baker electric solar

Baker Electric, Inc. Headquarters Escondido, CA

Our 85 kW rooftop installation was constructed at our Escondido Corporate Headquarters in 2009. Baker Electric Solar is currently involved… Read More

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Hill Creek Elementary School Santee, CA

Baker Electric provided turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction under general contractor Barnhart Balfour Beatty to deliver a 276.92 kW-DC Photovoltaic system installed on…Read More

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commercial solar panels at father joes by baker electric solar

Father Joe’s Village Place San Diego, CA

The San Diego-based Father Joe’s Villages® Village Place is now the home of a commercial solar panel installation. The project is a 53.42 kW high efficiency SunPower solar panel system with annual production estimated at over…Read More

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Ready, set, solar.

Switching your business to commercial solar is simple with Baker’s 5-step process: Consultation, Design & Customization, Financing, Installation and Maintenance.

Get Started

Converting Your Business to Solar

At Baker Electric Solar, we make the commercial solar panel installation process as simple as possible. From the initial consultation through ownership, our four simple steps will help you gain and maintain the commercial solar energy system that fits your business’s needs.

1. Consultation

We start by getting to know you, your facility and your power needs by asking the following questions to determine which custom commercial solar energy system will be best for you:

  • What is your electricity usage history?
  • What are your energy goals?
  • Do you expect changes in your energy use in the future?

Then we’ll perform a location survey to analyze your facility site, roof space and orientation to the sun.

2. Design & Customization

Based on our thorough consultation, our solar experts will custom design and engineer a commercial solar energy system to meet your specific needs, discuss pricing and financing with you and what to expect next.

3. Financing

For businesses who don’t have the means to make a cash purchase on their investment, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a loan alternative that makes renewable energy upgrades or commercial solar panel installations more attainable for businesses by spreading costs over an extended period of time. Learn the specifics of PACE financing at www.pacenow.org.

4. Installation

Our experienced team of licensed contractors will perform a professional and clean installation, including the two-way connection between your new system and your local utility company.

5. Maintenance

Our commercial solar power systems are simple, yet durable, and a piece of cake to maintain. All of our systems have product and workmanship warranties, and you can trust that Baker will be around to service your system, should you need it.

Baker Electric, Inc.

Our philosophy is to provide cost effective solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients on every project.

About Baker Electric
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baker electric logo

Full Service Electrical Contractor for Four Generations

As a fourth generation family owned business since 1938, Baker Electric has experienced success and longevity by building strategic relationships with public entities, private owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.

Baker Electric’s First Contractor’s License in 1956

Baker Electric performs a wide variety of electrical, low voltage and technology services in many markets. At Baker Electric we make your vision, objectives and goals our own. Let us help you achieve your goals by providing your electrical systems on schedule, on budget.

Areas of Expertise

As a long-term electrical contractor working throughout California, we serve in both prime and subcontractor roles. We perform multimillion dollar construction and renovation contracts from concept to completion to follow-up maintenance. With our team of experts at your service, we provide complete electrical and low voltage systems installations for any size project.

Internal Coordination

The use of Accubid Estimating Software ensures accurate and detailed estimates on time every time. We have registered Professional Engineers on staff utilizing AUTOCAD for our electrical designs, and Revitt for BIM, 3-D Modeling. This allows us to supply construction drawings and value-engineering ideas from the project’s preliminary stages through final record drawings. We can respond quickly and accurately to a project’s budgeting and estimating needs and effectively coordinate with the general contractor and other trades. We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff to meet the ever expanding need for “green” construction projects.

Professional Staff

Our solid core of professional project managers can prepare, track and update detailed procurement schedules, material submittals and labor loading schedules to ensure that each project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. We have executed Design Build, construction management and negotiated contracts and rigidly adhere to the quality standards and specifications required by our clients.