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Ready to learn more about San Diego solar power? Baker Electric Solar can answer your questions.

If you're looking for the best in San Diego solar power, trust the experts at Baker Electric Solar to take care of your home energy needs. We've proudly served local home and business owners with quality electrical work since 1938 and have been offering sun-powered options since 2003, helping promote a cleaner environment and lower energy bills. This renewable, clean energy is the wave of the future, and a great way for those living in naturally sunny areas to reduce dependence on traditional electricity. We're helping families, businesses, and communities to thrive and prosper in challenging economic and uncertain ecological times.

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Solar Energy Systems for All!

Finding new ways to make use of renewable resources is one of the best choices most Americans can make, especially in a time when the economy is at an extraordinarily fragile point and many home and small business owners are struggling to make ends meet. It also helps reduce our dependence upon less abundant and more costly forms of energy, keeping our environment intact and in good shape for future generations.

Baker Electric Solar is making it more affordable and rewarding than ever before to bring solar energy to your home or business, offering convenient financing options, including zero down financing. In addition, we'll help both home and business owners take advantage of and maximize government incentives created to help encourage the use of this natural energy source. Most of these purchases qualify for at least a 33% reduction in the cost, due to government incentives and tax credit, making it much more feasible for the average person to reap the benefits of going solar. Call us or stop by today, and see why our impeccable customer service and quality products earned us the distinction of having been named Sun Power's #1 San Diego County Dealer in 2010.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power

Baker Electric Solar, a company that offers San Diego residential solar power systems, says that many people have misconceptions about solar power. Here are some of these misconceptions that Baker Electric Solar has come across and information on why many of the ideas about San Diego solar power that people have are not true:

It's too expensive.

Financially, people think that San Diego solar power systems are too expensive and don't generate a return on investment (ROI), Baker Electric Solar says. But, the company says that the average cost of a solar power system investment is quickly recouped in 5 to 7 years, with money that you would have been paying the utility company to rent your electricity. Solar means that you become the owner of your electricity generation, a great investment. Once that payback period is reached, you are essentially generating electricity for FREE. Also, the solar power systems at Baker Electric solar come with warranties that last for 20 to 25 years.

There are monthly payment programs, also known as solar leases, which can lower your energy spend by 15 percent each month. For example, in California, says Baker Solar Electric, energy prices rise 6 to 7 percent each year. By going solar, you can lock in a low rate for a 20-year lease. Your monthly bill for the duration of your service will be created according to what you initially put down on the set up fees, says Baker Electric solar. Between 30 and 50 percent of people who go solar use the lease option, because you can see immediate results with a lowered monthly payment for solar than your current electric bill. It's an effective way to put money back in your pocket from month 1.

It looks ugly.

Baker Solar Electric points out that many people think solar panels are not very pleasing to the eye. But, aesthetically, there are many different options for panels, that homeowners can choose a look that doesn't detract from the overall appearance of their home, says the company. Some of these options include:

  • All black panels
  • Super silver panels
  • Ground mounts (for San Diego residents with enough land)

Baker Solar Electric does all their San Diego solar power installations with aesthetics in mind. A big part of effectively designing a solar installation is improving the overall value of the home, and aesthetics are part of this.

It's a fad.

Baker Electric Solar stresses that solar power is not a fad. In the last 10 years, solar power technology has made advancements and government rebate programs have promoted the industry dynamics. Solar is definitely here to stay and the price of solar panels has stabilized to a lower cost making solar reachable for many homeowners. Solar power has been around for decades and there are many successful solar programs around the world.

It's not dependable.

Solar systems are dependable and come with a complete 10 year warranty on the installation and all equipment, and most solar panel brands come with a 25 year warranty. Baker Solar Electric says that not only is solar energy dependable because it draws its power from the sun, it also reduces the dependence on depleting energy sources, such as fossils fuels, by locking in savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a San Diego solar power system's lifetime.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Installing solar panels can't be done by just anyone. In fact, there is a 45-day process to get one's solar installation completed and that process should be performed by an experienced contractor with avid knowledge of solar power products and functions, says Baker Electric Solar, a company that specializes in San Diego residential solar powersystems. The company outlines the three phases of the solar panel installation process:

Phase 1

Baker Electric Solar says that phase 1 of the San Diego solar power installation includes gathering the paperwork needed from the customer for the project, as well as getting a rebate reservation. Also, customers have to fill out an energy-efficiency audit with San Diego Gas & Electric.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the process, according to Baker Electric Solar, is the installation section. During a San Diego residential solar power installation, there are several steps:

  • Filing HOA paperwork if necessary to get design approval for the project
  • A complete confirming site survey needs to be done on the home with detailed measurements and shading analysis for precise placement of the system
  • Application and approval for a construction permit in City Municipality or with San Diego County (or the county the homeowner resides in) to perform the installation of the solar panels on the home
  • Ordering the solar equipment and scheduling the installation materials to be delivered on-site
  • Depending on the type of roof, a professional roofing subcontractor may need to be scheduled to prepare the roof for the install
  • The installation of the panels can take anywhere from two to seven days depending on the size of the system

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the process occurs once the installation has been completed, says Baker Electric Solar, a company that provides the residents of San Diego with solar electricity. The city or county inspection of the solar panel installation takes about one to two days. Once the panel installation has been approved and the permit signed by the city or county, the utility company, San Diego Gas & Electric complete their inspection and send notification that the system is ready for energization, Baker Electric Solar says. Finally, there is a walk though of the system with the homeowner where any questions can be answered about operation and the monitoring system can be connected.

Installing solar panels may take some time, but according to Baker Solar Electric, solar panels can provide homeowners San Diego solar electricity at a fraction of the cost they are currently paying to their utility company. The long-term benefits strongly outweigh the initial costs, says Baker Solar Electric.

If you are looking for more information on solar power and San Diego residential and commercial solar power system installation or for a free in-home evaluation, contact Baker Solar Electric today.

Tips for Choosing a Solar Contractor

Baker Electric Solar, a solar contractor that provides San Diego residential solar power systems, says that when choosing a solar contractor to install a solar power system at your home, there are many important qualities you should look for. Among those qualities are:

Financial Strength

Baker Electric Solar says that a contractor should have enough resources to provide their customers with quality materials and service without delay. Many smaller contractors are struggling to maintain their business's doors open.

Past Experience

Baker Electric Solar, a company that offers San Diego solar power systems, says you want to choose a solar contractor who has vast experience with jobs of all sizes and challenges. Installers with a wide range of electrical projects and knowledge who now specialize in solar will help to guarantee a smooth project installation should challenges arise.

Products and Pricing

A company should offer the most efficient and up-to-date San Diego solar electricity products at optimal prices, says Baker Electric Solar. There are numerous contractors in the San Diego area who will sell at prices that are too high if the customer is uneducated. Some contractors will even go too low on their pricing to get any job they can out of desperation, making promises that they can't keep. Later homeowners find that these contractors will provide them with change orders for unanticipated expenses. It's important to select a contractor with a history of fair pricing.

System Service

Baker Electric Solar explains that most, if not all, solar contractors have only been in business for a short period of time. On the contrary, Baker Electric Solar is part of the Baker Electric, Inc. group of companies that have been in business since 1938. Selecting a company that can service your solar power system for the life of its warranty 20 to 25 years is essential to getting the full value out of your solar system.

Electrical License

Many of the solar companies that have been established recently have only obtained a solar only license. Baker Electric Solar says when you choose a company like it that has an full C-10 electrical contractor's license, you can rest assured that they can serve all your electrical needs, not just issues regarding solar. If you need an electric panel upgrade for instance to accommodate your solar system, something that occasionally occurs in the evaluation of a project, Baker Electric Solar has the expertise to perform that work as well.

Community Involvement

Baker Electric Solar says it is important to give back. Choosing a solar contractor that takes pride in frequently sponsoring events in the community, local programs and non-profit organizations is the right thing to do.

The consequences of choosing a solar contractor that doesn't possess these qualities can result in more out-of-pocket cost down the line if the installation process was not done correctly or if the company is not around to services a solar power system for the life of its warranty.

For more information on San Diego residential solar power systems and a free in-home evaluation if you are thinking about make the change to solar, contact Baker Electric Solar today.

San Diego Photovoltaic Solar Energy Panels

If you're looking to save money and make your home more environmentally friendly, or are just interested in ways to make better use of renewable energy sources in your home, "solar panels" from Baker Electric Solar can help you reach your goals. With 85 years of experience meeting the San Diego area's electrical needs, and nearly a decade of offering solar energy panels and other clean energy solutions, Baker Electric is offers affordable, effective photovoltaic solar panels system design and installation. We customize the solar power setup to harness the power of the sun at your home or place of business and meet the your energy goals.

The savings opportunities are significant, and increased depending on the effectiveness of the system. For example, a home that consumes 900 kilowatt hours per month and installs a small system that can produce about 450 kilowatt hours per month would cut electricity bills in half and reduce carbon emissions similarly. This level of efficiency is very reasonable in the San Diego area, where there is ample sunlight and large homes have a big appetite for electricity.

One of the biggest reasons people decide not get solar panels installed is the initial cost. Even thinking of the cost as an investment in the value of the home and in future savings, people still worry about putting all that money into something. One way to alleviate this concern is with financing options. Government tax credits also help take the sting out, and Baker Electric Solar will help clients take advantage of government incentives for installing solar panels. Of course, the best way to alley such fears is to understand the actual value of investing in solar power. The average home or office recoups the cost of installation in five to seven years. This is a relatively short return on investment considering how long most people own their homes in San Diego.

Some people also wonder if the technology will get outpaced in the next decade and end up obsolete. It's true that technologies for harnessing solar energy are developing rapidly. However, unlike with mobile devices or computers, the pace of change will not leave current solar installations worthless or ineffective. The infrastructure needed for a home's solar cells to cut its electrical bills is self contained. And as long as the actual panels and other components last - crystalline photovoltaic cells usually show zero degradation after ten years and tend to perform at 80% or better after twenty years - they will still be effective in a decade, even though the newest technology at the time will certainly be more effective. And in that intervening time, our customers will have saved a great deal on their bills and reduced their carbon foot print.

The electrical and solar panel experts at Baker Electric Solar are eager to help you figure out the best plan to install solar energy panels at your home or office in a way that you can afford.



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